Though we are constantly manufacturing, at times we are running behind on shipping out orders, in some cases a week.
This is due to Covid-19 and restrictions over the year for being able to create inventory.

On this page you will find a variety of dog coats, capes and vests to be used in different applications. For warmth on a cold winter day, to block the wind and stay dry, to safety in hunting season or on city streets as well as for therapy and or to keep the shoulders warm on our canine athletes!

For the Rookie
As our dogs love to run shoulder injuries are always a possibility. Sometimes they are severe and the dog may have to sit out the entire season and other times the dog might have a minor soreness in the different muscle groups that with therapy will get the dog back on the trail relatively quickly depending on the dogs situation. A Therapeutic Shoulder Vest is a great way to expedite the healing process and like the WRISTWRAP
 can be used to help prevent injuries as well by keeping the dogs shoulders warm while at rest in checkpoints. Our Therapeutic Shoulder Vest has pockets on the inside for either ice or heat packs and it also enhances the beneficial aspects of liniments such as Mushers FirstAid. Massage the liniment on all of the shoulder muscles including in the armpit area then put the vest on, the amount of time for therapy will depend on the severity of the injury. Take precautions if you have a dog that might like to eat the vest!

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