Wristwraps are an integral part of distance racing as well as an easy way to help heal any injured wrist on our canine athletes. Utilizing a unique fleece fabric, they are easy to use and more comfortable for the dogs than other neoprene type wraps. Use with our Emu Oil based Mushers First Aid to bring down swelling in the carpal joint! The colors vary on this product, the only option at this time is Blue.

For the Rookie
The joy of running dogs and keeping them free of injury is every musher's dream but not a reality as with any athlete strains and sprains are bound to happen. The Wristwrap is an essential item that no musher should be without, it is a tool that can be used to prevent sprains as well as to heal them by wrapping pre and post run depending on the dogs situation. There are many Wristwraps on the market designed specifically to help aid in the recovery and or to maintain healthy wrists. The best size has been found to be approximately 7"x 9" tall made with a slightly stretchy fabric that has Velcro as a closure. They can be used to hold ice on the carpal joint as well as to wrap the joint tightly after applying a warming liniment such as Mushers First Aid. Always be sure to wrap the dogs foot along with the wrist to ensure that the foot doesn't swell from the circulation being cut off.
So why do we sell short wraps?
They are used by many experienced mushers by not wrapping the wrist too tight, the dogs benefit from having the joint covered while the liniment applied is soaking in and they can stand comfortably on all four feet. This wrap was originally designed by Bill Cotter a very experienced distance musher who had many top 10 finishes in Iditarod and won the Yukon Quest.

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